Small Group Classes

Small Group Training:

Our small group training makes fitness, afforadable and fun. This training offers the chance to try the latest fitness trends with other like-minded gym buddies there to modivate and support you. Ask about our current classes or training for you and your friends.

Boot Camp:

We take the workout out of the gym and into a local park and other outdoor spaces.  No special machines or equipment are needed - just grass, benches and pavement.  Boot camp is an intense workout, but participants can take the class at their own fitness level.  The Fit Chix Boot camp model is more about encouragement, camaraderie and personal growth, but at the same time, a challenge to new heights!

Fab Abs & Better Bottoms:

Join Lisa for a total body workout, concentrating on glutes, abs, and core muscles.  Each class will include a warm-up, exercises using weights, tubing or bands and an end-of-class stretch.  All levels of exercisers are encouraged to attend and have fun while getting fit, toned, and tightened!

Kick Start to Losing It:

Kick start your New Year's fitness goals!  This class includes 20 minutes of discussion on a significant health topic and 40 minutes of pure exercise. Focus is on a different theme each week to help you lose weight and improve energy.  Exercise portion includes basic strengthening, cardiovascular work, beginner yoga, abdominal exercise and more.  Lisa Taranto Butler, ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant instructs.

Kids Yoga / Girl Scout Yoga:

In this fun learning atmosphere, children develop an awareness of their own bodies, minds and emotions with yoga poses, games, breathing exercises and creative visualizations.  Enrich cognitive development and skills while developing focus, self control and self confidence in a relaxed atmosphere.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Lisa Taranto Butler instructs.

Mommy & Me Yoga:

Yoga comes to life in this fun and creative class designed to enhance parent and child bonding while delivering yoga basic exercise in an entertaining, non-competitive way.  Learn turtle poses, lizard stretches and partner poses while gaining flexibility and coordination.  Develop an awareness of your own body, mind, and emotions with yoga poses, games, breathing exercises and relaxing visualizations.  Lisa Taranto Butler instructs.